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"Summit Garage Door has been a HUGE help for us! We had an accident in the middle of the night which left ridiculous damage on the garage door. We left a message in Summit’s voicemail and they called us back in few minutes, arranged an early morning service appointment which brought me great relief. Next morning they were on time, supportive and responsive to all my questions and concern."
"I had a great experience with Summit Garage Door when they serviced the garage door at my house, and they did a quality job. Eli was professional and arrived in the specified time window. He quickly assessed the problem, got the door to open again after I backed my car into the half opened garage door, but then went the extra mile to make sure it looked good and opened smoothly. He noticed there was a very visible dent so he continued to pound away to make the dent barely visible. I appreciate that he did not try to get me to replace the door, which would’ve been costly, he suggested that he could try to fix it and he surely did!"
"Summit is great, and their work has led me to finally remove any other stickers from under my garage door opener! Fast, responsive, and these guys are very well trained technicians, not just guys 'figuring it out.' Easy call."
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